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Disobeying My Boss: IT'S LIVE!

I was super duper excited to release this one, mostly because I love my female character, Fallon. If you read this book, you'll know what I'm talking about.

In a way, I see myself in her.

Bold, unapologetic, a bit insecure. No matter how she presents herself to the world and how strong and in control she wants to feel, she's a bit lonely. It's because she's "different" from her friends and really everyone she knows.

Yes, we're all unique in our own way, but the thing with Fallon is that she's really out there. That's where her and I differ. I'm not as outgoing as she is. I could be if I have to, but I don't prefer it.

Fallon never could've thought that Simon would be the one to fill that little hole in her heart. The same goes for Simon. A guy as put together as him with a walking train wreck like her? Hell no.

They say opposites attract and these two characters really prove that to be true.

The release of this book has been smooth. I've been relaxed and my readers have shown me that they were, in fact, waiting for it after reading the first two in the Lovers' Lane series (Stealing My Best Friend and Crushing On My Neighbor).

I pretty much announced the release to my readers, set up my ads, bought a promo, and took a nap.


Check out Disobeying My Boss HERE and start preparing yourself for the NEXT ONE already ;)

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