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Disobeying My Boss releases on May 5!

I've had a lot of questions from readers about the release date of Book 3 in the Lovers' Lane Series.

Yes, it's releasing on May 5 because I'm pulling the preorder date forward. I do that pretty much for every release that's on preorder. The reason why I set my dates that far out is because you never know... life happens. I may not finish the book on time. I may not get the cover on time, and I really don't want to be penalized by Amazon for those things.

Anyhow, I love getting those questions from readers because it shows me that they're excited. I'm excited about this one too, and nope, I don't feel the same way about every book I launch.

Disobeying My Boss is just funny. It's a fun feel-good romance and I felt like I needed that during this time with everything that's going around in the world.

Writing romantic comedies comes naturally to me at some level. Initially I thought that I'd run out of jokes. Well, that was stupid of me to think. It's not about the jokes, its the chemistry and really letting those quirky ideas come to you.

In this book, I've introduced elements that will not just make people smile, but also show the chemistry between the two characters. Show how opposite they really are.

Simon is this hard ass who's so uptight that it makes me laugh. And Fallon is an impossible woman for him to fall in love with.

I'm tempted to give spoilers, but I'll contain myself.

Again, the book is all set to release on May 5.

If you're ready to grab the preorder and have it delivered to you the second it goes live, then click HERE!

Happy reading!



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